What Does “Gifting Good” Mean to You?


Whichever way you choose to celebrate the holiday season, receiving an unopened gift with your name on it sparks a thrill. What could be any better than this? We’ll tell you: it’s being the giver.

At Ancient Lore Village in Knoxville, Tennessee, we believe in all things good; this includes gifting! And, since we are like no other place on earth, our favorite type of gift giving is Gifting Good. Gifting good is magical; it involves creativity, thought, and care all mixed together with a hefty dose of love. Gifts of good can be tangible or intangible – and we guarantee they will fit any budget. Here’s what gifting good means to us:

Gifting Good to Friends and Loved Ones

Gifting good to friends and loved ones starts with reflecting upon what makes them special and how much they mean to you. Does quietly reading with a hot cup of tea help them rest and renew? Perhaps they thrive while being physically active? Take advantage of how well you know them and shape your gift ideas around what brings them joy.

Gifting Good to Your Community

Gifting good to the community can be done in dozens of ways. Donate your time to your favorite non-profit. Pay a holiday visit to an elderly friend who lives alone. Purchase goods and services from locally-owned businesses. The best part about gifting good to your community? The benefits will flow right back to you.

Gifting Good at Work

Sometimes, the next closest thing to your real family is your work family. Show your co-workers you care during the holiday season by making their workdays more festive. Pick up an extra cup of coffee for your office mate. Make a bigger batch of crock pot chili to share at lunchtime. Or, just leave a Post-it note with an unexpected “I appreciate you” message on a colleague’s desk.

Wedding Venue Waterfall
Group of friends at Ancient Lore Village Firepit

Gifting Good to Someone You Don’t Know

Just because you’ve never met someone doesn’t mean you can’t gift good to them! When you are out and about, make an effort to think of others. Share an authentic smile, look back as you open a door in case someone is just a few steps behind, and leave that prime parking space near the front entrance for a person who might need it more.

Gifting Good to Yourself

You can’t truly give to anyone until you’ve learned how to give to yourself. What would make you the happiest this holiday season? A rousing gathering with friends and family or an evening of binging on your favorite Christmas movies? A spa day with the works or a contemplative hike outdoors? Take time to be in the moment, reflect on what you are grateful for, and show yourself some love.

What Does Gifting Good Mean to You?

We want to hear from you! Send an email or video to [email protected] to let us know your favorite ways to gift good. And, for stress-free shopping from the comfort of home, explore our online Ancient Lore Village Marketplace. No matter whether your recipients are four years old or 94 years young, our gift cards, books, coloring books, and other screen-free ways to play will have you gifting good throughout the holiday season and beyond!

Sending cozy winter wishes from our Village to yours. We look forward to seeing you soon!