About Ancient Lore Village

Founder and Visionary, Tom Boyd, had a vision: Create a place where characters from different worlds could live together in peace and harmony in a place where only good, genuine goodness, exists. This was the beginning of what is now Ancient Lore Village, a boutique resort and event venue that specializes in Fairytale weddings, executive retreats, private parties, group tours, special celebrations, and bringing people together.

Why did you build this Village?

When Tom was touring across the state of Tennessee on a campaign trail with his son, Randy, he encountered a diverse group of personalities. Unfortunately, he discovered one thing was abundantly clear; there was so much hatred, intolerance, and a misunderstanding of others. The impact was huge and he felt like there was no other thing to do; he had to write about it.

Here, the story of Bokee came to life! In Bokee’s Trek: Outcasts To Inner Earth, the main protagonist, Bokee, takes an incredible journey and meets many different characters. Ultimately, Bokee discovers that, no matter their differences, they can all live in peace, joy, harmony, and happiness – in a place where only good exists.  A place they call Ancient Lore Village.

What is Our Ultimate Goal?

We want you to come here and experience the magic, mystery and wonder of Ancient Lore Village.  And then go tell your friends “I found a place where I feel better than I did yesterday, my thoughts are better than they were yesterday, I could slow down and disconnect.  You should go there too!”

Meet the Villagers

The Executive Team at Ancient Lore Village

Tom Boyd and Sandi Burdick in a garden


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OLIVIA MCGHEE, General Manager

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MICAH SPICER, Director of Sales and Marketing

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