Five Simple Steps to Discovering Life’s Magic, Mystery, and Wonder


After the rush of preparing for the new school year, it’s finally time to exhale! As we enter the busy Fall season, now is the perfect time to renew, regroup, and reconnect with the people and world around us. Try putting the five steps below into practice on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and get ready to discover all of the magic, mystery, and wonder that life has to give!

1. Observe the Joys of Nature

How many times have you been in a rush; jumping in and out of your car to get to your destination? The next time you’re outside, pause to look, listen, and feel what’s around you.

  • How many birds can you hear? Can you identify any of them by their song or call? (If not, see Suggestion #2!)
  • Do you feel a breeze? Is it strong or subtle, cool, or warm?
  • What is your favorite thing about the current season? 
2. Learn Something New 

Not only is learning throughout our lives fun, but research shows that it improves self-esteem, connects us with others, and helps our brains function as we grow older. Choose something that you’ve always been curious about and commit to exploring it until you are satisfied… or, better yet, hooked! 

  • Test-run a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Consider taking non-credit classes or earning a certification.
  • Talk to a parent or older relative about what the world was like when they were young.
3. Open Your Eyes to the People Around You 

The true beauty of life lies in how we interact with others. The next time you encounter a friend, family member, or even a stranger, reflect on the purpose they have in your life at that moment in time. 

  • Really listen to your child’s voice the next time they speak.
  • Make eye contact with strangers and see how many will return your welcoming smile.
  • Remember a trait that attracted you to your significant other and consciously look for it the next time you see them. 
4. Start a Healthy Habit

Whether it’s physical exercise, a wise diet choice, or a positive mental boost, try to regularly create beneficial habits. Even the smallest of good habits will produce positive results! 

  • Practice active meditation through quiet hikes or nature walks.
  • Engage in positive self talk as if you were talking to a friend
  • Join a group sports league to combine movement with fellowship.
5. Ward off Worries with Gratitude

The quickest way to alleviate anxiety is rewarding, easy, and can be done anywhere; think of things for which you are thankful! Write them down in a gratitude journal or just go over them in your mind the next time you’re feeling stressed.  

  • Reflect on the relationships you have with your loved ones and friends.
  • Think about good health and what it means to you.
  • Identify the best thing that happened to you that day. 

With simple steps taken consistently, you can make your life the best it can be. Need a jump start on your Autumn reboot? Come see us at Ancient Lore Village in Knoxville, Tennessee, where magic, mystery, and wonder are discovered… well… every hour! 

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