How to Create a Village in Your Workplace


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

At Ancient Lore Village, we take the word “Village” very seriously! Not only does it reflect our Knoxville, Tennessee resort and the book it is based upon, Bokee’s Trek: Outcasts to the Inner Earth, it represents how we view our entire resort team. Each of our Ancient Lore “Villagers” has a special role and all are essential to making the experience of our guests the best it can be.

Creating a productive and supportive atmosphere is the key to any company’s success. In this blog post, we’ll share five ways to make your own workplace village thrive!

Identify Team Member Strengths

The more backgrounds and personality types you have on your team, the better! Notice and understand the knowledge of your staff members, tapping into their soft skills and individual career histories. Make their strengths known within the workplace, “calling them out” publicly, and praising their unique abilities.

Open the Door to Relationships

There’s nothing better than having a friend at work and research has shown that close relationships in the workplace aid in retention. Provide cross-departmental opportunities for your employees to socialize, such as a special event involving food – everyone loves a good meal! Try an outdoor barbeque break, a family-friendly picnic to celebrate a company milestone, or boxed lunches for a small-group Q & A between employees and your leadership team.

Provide Mentors

Bringing on a new staff member is always exciting. Make sure your “new kid on the block” feels supported by pairing them with a mentor. From making introductions to explaining how the printer works, your veteran team member can help your new hire feel welcome and comfortable. The same goes for an existing employee who has just been promoted… while they may feel equipped for the job, having a more experienced co-worker in the wings can ease stress.

Support Interaction

Instead of sending an email or a text to ask a question or discuss a project, encourage your team members to visit one another in real life! Promote a workplace culture of active listening that includes eye contact and engaged body language, along with an openness to new thoughts and ideas. 

Say Thank You

There are many ways, big and small, to express gratitude. A gift card to your employee’s favorite coffee shop acknowledging a job well done, a thank you card for your co-worker’s steady support, or a post-it note just to say “You are awesome!” can fill someone’s tank in an instant – and leave extra fuel for motivation later!

Fostering respect and unity within the workplace brings peace and harmony to your associates, happiness to your clients, and a boosted bottom line for your organization. Think of your own workplace as a village and demonstrate the same love to co-workers that you show to your own family and friends.

Looking for a special getaway for your own workplace villagers? Give us a call to learn more about our one-of-a-kind corporate retreats, well-appointed meeting facilities, meaningful team-building activities, and so much more!