How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Destination


There’s a reason destination weddings have been growing in popularity for decades. In addition to exchanging their vows, engaged couples want something more: to create an unforgettable experience for themselves, their family members, and their special friends. A destination wedding comes complete with accommodations, planning assistance, and a built-in honeymoon retreat. The event can provide a true getaway containing all of the romance and none of the hassle. Sound like your kind of nuptials? Read on for tips on how to choose your perfect wedding location.

What type of wedding do you want?

The style and feel of your ceremony can help unravel many questions, so begin by cuddling up with your chosen one and picturing your big day. Where do you like to visit and travel? Once you arrive, how do you like to spend your time? Think of a theme for your dream wedding, and imagine looking through your photo album after the event. What colors, settings, and types of memories would you love to reminisce upon?

What season, month, and day will you marry?

The time of year that you choose will further narrow your wedding destination choices, so grab your calendar and start to ponder. Are you imagining a warm embrace amidst sparkling snow? Or your hair blowing in the wind during a sunset ceremony nestled in the woods? Maybe you’d like your nuptials to align with a significant date or your favorite time of year to vacation. What sounds most romantic to you can point you to the best place to say, “I do.”

How many guests and attendants will you have?

Reflect on who you want beside you on your big day because the size of your wedding will offer a great clue to your ceremony destination. Will your wedding party include a lifetime of close friends ranging from childhood chums to sorority sisters? And, do you wish for the event to be an intimate gathering or a no-holds-barred blowout? Venues will come with a variety of offerings as far as how many bridal attendants and guests their location will comfortably hold.

What activities would you like for you and your guests?

Dinner and dancing or a bonfire and axe-throwing… how you choose to play after the ceremony will be a guide to your chosen destination. Perhaps a memorable five-star meal with a signature wine is a must for you. Or does a photo booth sound like fun? When you’re deciding upon where to wed, talk to venues about the entertainment options at each destination.

Where do you want to return for anniversaries or renewing your vows?

You are preparing for a lifetime of love, so think ahead when it comes to future celebrations! Where would you like to return for yearly anniversaries, milestone years, or a renewal of your vows? Location, logistics, and cost will dictate the accessibility of your destination wedding for future visits, so take all into consideration when looking at your list of possible choices.

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