Make Spoiling Yourself a Daily Habit


When was the last time you spoiled yourself? We’re willing to bet it’s been awhile.

Typically, we reserve the practice of spoiling ourselves as a reward for hard work, a celebration of a special occasion, or even a survival mechanism if we reach red-zone stress levels. Yvette Frasier, a Madison, Wisconsin-based consultant who has spent her entire career spoiling others, thinks otherwise.

“I firmly believe that spoiling yourself is not just something to be practiced occasionally, but should be used proactively to keep balance, harmony, and peace in our lives,” she explains.

Having worked in the spa and wellness industry for over 30 years, Yvette is an expert in, and advocate of, self-care. Below, she suggests eight easy ways to turn spoiling yourself from an infrequent gift into a cherished daily ritual.

  1. Create a Mindfulness Space

Whether it’s a quiet room with a closed door or a favorite outdoor location, identify an easily accessible spot that will provide calm and allow you to reconnect with yourself. “When life starts to feel out of control, we need a designated space to get centered,” explains Yvette.

  1. Dine Outdoors

“People need to be outside,” Yvette says, “and eating in the fresh air just makes food taste better.” Try taking a lunch or snack break outdoors or moving dinner to the patio instead of in front of the TV or cell phone.

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Enjoying archery in the natural beauty of the wooded hillside at Ancient Lore Village
Dinner at Ancient Lore Village
  1. Make Time for Meditation

Meditation can take place in many forms including guided meditation, using mantras, sound therapy, or simply enjoying complete silence. “Start by taking five minutes to meditate when you wake, and again just before bed,” says the wellness professional. “Take the time to stop and just be. Let answers come to you instead of chasing after them.”

  1. Soothe Your Senses

“A quick and easy method of self-care is to activate your five senses,” suggests Yvette. “Just take a moment to tune into the environment around you.”

Touch: Get a massage or wrap yourself in a Kashwere robe or blanket.

Smell: Use aromatherapy with essential oils or a room spray.

Hear: Play your favorite low-key music or go outside to listen to the sounds of nature.

Taste: Sip Herbal tea or enjoy a bite of dark chocolate.

See: Stop and study something beautiful.

  1. Cook

Cooking your own dishes allows you to monitor what ingredients you are using and gives you time to relax while creating nourishment for yourself and the ones you love. “What you put in your body is crucial to your overall health and energy,” says Yvette.

Bonfire in the Village Gardens
  1. Refresh Yourself with Water

Immerse and replenish yourself with one of the earth’s most rejuvenating elements: water. Enhance your drinking water with strawberries, lemon, and basil for a refreshing change or try a hot bath followed by a cold shower for a rejuvenating experience. “Even hearing and seeing the movement of water in a waterfall or fountain is mesmerizing,” says Yvette, “allowing us a brief moment to be still.” 

  1. Spend Time in the Garden

“With chronic and terminal illnesses running rampant in our world today, fresh foods are more essential than ever,” Yvette says. Easily tailored to your space and lifestyle, gardening can take the form of an abundant vegetable plot or a simple potted herb. An all-natural bonus: the healthy hobby has proven therapeutic benefits.

  1. Practice Gentle Movements

Cardio fitness comes with its own rewards, but gentle movement makes exercise a self-care experience. “Tai Chi, Yoga, or even a slow and reflective walk will help you ground yourself,” says Yvette. “The intentional movements allow space to quiet the mind. And often, you’ll get more of a workout than you may expect!”

Your Best Life Starts with You

Yvette advises that when you give to yourself, you are better equipped to give to others. “You have to train yourself not to be guilty about spoiling yourself,” she says. “Successful CEOs and business leaders around the world start their day with a renewing activity. Seeking out self-care pro-actively will help you be the best version of ‘you’.”

The self-care expert explains that if the world is going to make a positive shift, we have to make time for ourselves to clear our heads. “We need to step back and look at our lives through a different lens,” Yvette advises. “What do you want to see? Be what you want to see.”

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