Create a Healthier Mindset: Make Time to Play!


What does the word “play” mean to you? Does it bring back long-ago memories of bike riding with friends, exploring the “great outdoors” in your backyard, or spreading out on the floor with a coloring book and a box of crayons?

When we’re young, we’re encouraged (and often told!) to “Go play!”. As we become adults, however, we’re expected to outgrow the concept of play just as we no longer fit into our school-age clothes and shoes. Daydreaming, whimsy, and lightheartedness are no longer priorities; there just isn’t time! But, is that really the case?

Play exercises your imagination, refreshes your headspace, and gives your mind a well-deserved break. And, research shows that having relaxed fun can help us learn, problem-solve, and connect better with others. To rediscover the carefree demeanor of a child, take a moment to recall your own favorite forms of play. Then, think about how you can incorporate them into your life today. To get you started, we’ve listed some ideas below…

Take an Intentional Play Break

Whether your favorite childhood entertainment involved physical fun or quiet play, prioritize at least one play break each day. Take time after a meeting for a five-minute yo-yo spin, spend 15 minutes reading before dinner (also a great way to get your brood settled down before eating), or watch a comedy in the evening that will have you laughing before you slip off to sleep.

Embark Upon a Nature Trek

Be it a multi-hour hike or a quick spin around the neighborhood, the next time you’re outside make sure to channel your childhood sense of wonder. Examine bugs and bird’s nests, ponder patches of green moss, and search for four-leaf clovers. Or, invent a story around the “journey” you’re embarking upon and create character roles for the people you meet along the way.

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Exercise Your Creative Talents

Hearken back to elementary school by creating an original work of art. Relax and unwind while getting lost in a LEGO® sculpture, regain your perspective by painting a watercolor portrait, and sketch out your future with a variety of drawing pencils. Don’t forget to pull out that coloring book page and tack your masterpiece to the fridge… why not?

Harness Your Superpower

When you were a youngster, which hero or heroine did you want to be? Perhaps Batgirl, Superman, Wonder Woman, or GI Joe? Reconnect with your kid self by imagining their superpowers, and think of ways to come to the rescue for your own family, community, and friends.

Choosing a playful mindset in all you do relieves stress and brings joy back to everyday living. Here at Ancient Lore Village we say, “Why can’t grown-ups get lost in fantasy and fairy tales, too?”

Rediscover your own childhood laughter, wonder, and curiosity when you visit our magical retreat. Whether planning for a day or booking a luxury stay, we guarantee you’ll feel like a kid again!

“Laugh often, long, and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.” – George Carlin